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LED Backpack WIFI Smart Bag Walking Billboard APP Control Display DIY Advertising

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$212.99 AUD
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$106.99 AUD
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$212.99 AUD
Color: black
  • Type: Backpack
  • Availability: In Stock

Newest 3.0 type waterproof LED Advertising backpack

(The backpack does not include a power bank-you can easily buy one yourself)

Free instructions book.


1. Colour: Black

 2. Material: Nylon

 3. Pixel: 64 x 64dot

 4. Capacity: 20-35L

 5. Screen: LED Screen size: 25cm x 25cm

 6. Support points: 64 x 64 full-colour dot matrix screen

 7. Supply voltage: 5V Power supply

 8. Mode: charging treasure power supply

 9. Communication method: WIFI GPRS Program Support: Text Image Animation

10. Product size: 44*34*16cm Product Properties: neon sign, backpack, hologram, neon signs

LED Backpack: A High-quality Laptop Backpack with LED Full-Colour Screen can dynamically display your favorite text pictures and animations.

Easy to use:
1. Plug the backpack into a power bank
2. Mobile download APP
3. Connect WIFI.

Every backpack has a manual!

Colourful Text and Graffiti: Enter the words you want to say and create graffiti in the APP to play on the backpack, You can advertise or show love.

Pictures and Animations: Uploading pictures in the app is as easy as sending an emoji on WhatsApp. It can dynamically display GIFs.

High-Quality Laptop Backpack: A 15.5-inch Laptop Backpack Waterproof High capacity can meet the needs of daily work and study.